Dr Sophia Karikala

Meet Dr. Sophia Karikala


Introducing Dr Sophia Karikala! She is a graduate from the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic with plenty of clinical experience. Sophia has locumed in New Zealand and Australia, where she’s had the opportunity to check and adjust paediatric to geriatric patients. She is a very passionate Chiropractor who loves seeing people from all walks of life. The techniques used include Toggle, Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Activator, SOT, NET and FBA.

In her spare time she enjoys dancing, painting, playing various sports and volunteering at kids programmes. She is also fond of travelling and experiencing different cultures around the world.

Sophia first heard about Chiropractic when she spoke to a Chiropractor who was referred to by her mother. She soon then realised what tremendous benefit Chiropractic care can have on any and everyone. She witnessed when the body is without any interference, it can function at its optimal potential. Sophia believes your body is made to thrive, not just survive and would love the opportunity to share this with you!

Sophia’s approach to chiropractic care

At ChiroRelief Dr Karikala employs a comprehensive range of evidence-based techniques including the Thompson technique, spinal decompression and Activator technique as well as soft tissue modalities. she brings a thorough and considered style to the clinic, which perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing customised and diagnostic-based treatments for each individual.

Sophia has a logical and holistic approach towards chiropractic care with a focus on biomechanics, meticulously working through patients’ personal experiences and symptoms to directly address the source of the problem. A gentle, knowledgeable and reliable chiropractor, Dr Karikala is constantly working to perfect her craft.