Meet Dr. Mohammad Shiyab


Dr. Mohammad Shiyab first became interested in chiropractic practice after seeking treatment himself and experiencing its benefits firsthand. Spending nearly a decade as a sleep technician at Sydney’s St. Lukes Care private hospital provided Mohammad with an invaluable foundation of providing one-on-one patient support, where he developed the skill of tailoring solutions for patients based on their unique personal histories. After completing his Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University, Mohammad now brings this methodology to chiropractic care, working alongside his sister Dr. Lina Shiyab.

At ChiroRelief Dr Shiyab employs a comprehensive range of evidence-based techniques including the Thompson technique, spinal decompression and Activator technique as well as soft tissue modalities. He brings a thorough and considered style to the clinic, which perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing customised and diagnostic-based treatments for each individual.

Mohammad’s approach to chiropractic care

Mohammad has a logical and holistic approach towards chiropractic care with a focus on biomechanics, meticulously working through patients’ personal experiences and symptoms to directly address the source of the problem. A gentle, knowledgeable and reliable chiropractor, Dr Shiyab is constantly working to perfect his craft.